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Revenue Acceleration

Revenue Acceleration


Top line revenue growth is the primary fuel for creating shareholder value. However most firms struggle to find a formula and mechanism for long-term, sustainable top line revenue growth. While many factors impact a firm’s ability to grow revenues, improving organizational alignment is an area where impact can be made quickly yielding near-term measurable results.

Vicendia executives will diagnose the alignment issues and help your firm create a revenue engine that is tailored to your specific products & services, markets, and organizational goals. Our approach addresses the following delivery points:

  • Sales Effectiveness Assessment – Vicendia executives will employ a set of diagnostic tools to assess and measure revenue generation inhibitors and cost accelerators. Our proprietary frameworks and diagnostic tools allow us to benchmark current performance levels and guide the delivery of new models, methods, and resources throughout the organization that support new revenue generation and profit creation. By auditing and benchmarking the revenue generating areas of your firm and quantifying unique dependencies and factors slowing or preventing revenue generation, we can make specific recommendations that will decrease sales, service, and marketing costs.
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment – Telltale signs of misalignment can be seen in industry statistics for B2B sales: 80% of leads passed on to sales are dropped; 90% of marketing collateral is unused; and the total cost of winning a net new enterprise customer via direct sales carries a hefty price tag averaging $500,000. Even worse, fully 80% of enterprise B2B deals won are not influenced by marketing at all. At the root of the alignment problem is the fact that marketing and sales have their own charters, planning time horizons, and compensation models. Vicendia executives can quickly diagnose sales and marketing alignment issues and deploy processes, tools, and methodologies to establish a set of shared goals and objectives that unlock the potential of both functional areas.
  • Sales Accelerator – Vicendia employs a proprietary methodology and comprehensive toolset that encapsulates over 25 years of experience in B2B sales and marketing by executives with a proven history of growth and exceeding revenue targets. Our executives will provide the value proposition creation and strategic benchmarking and analysis necessary to grow account revenues and displace competition in the marketplace. These processes, guides, and tools help our clients develop and deploy a value-based differentiated sales model and customer experience that form the core of your revenue engine.