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Our Approach

Our Approach


Vicendia was born out of a sincere desire by the partners to apply their collective experience and skills to help companies grow profitably, predictably, and consistently, freed from the confines of roles, titles, and job descriptions. We know that when creativity, integrity, and action meet—greatness happens.

We begin every new client engagement the same way, by first learning about your firm through open and honest dialogue with a cross section of the organization. We ask a lot of questions, we challenge conventional thinking, and apply assessments and diagnostic tools to quickly identify opportunities for growth or improvement. Our team will then analyze the discovery data and deliver to your executives a simple diagnostic assessment with clear and direct recommended actions.

Once a specific recommendation is selected for action, we create a detailed scope of work with an ROI analysis and proposal. We recognize that every client is different, so Vicendia develops a unique project plan for every engagement. Our principals are actively involved in every engagement, regardless of size or scope, to ensure that we deliver results.